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TESOL scam in Spain (Europe)

Poor Treatment

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    • Poor Treatment

      By: Shannon Carlin < Show E-mail >

      Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2019

      Location: Europe (Spain)

      I can only provide an outline  of my experience at the Zaragoza academies here. however the treatment I received was  appalling. Perhaps there is some nepotism within the place but the original poster took time to critique them in detail which in itself speaks volumes. I was disappointed as they didn´t even allow me to complete the initial training week after four days due to unforeseen circumstances arose. Also, the accomodation they provide is poor and I was asked to leave it prematurley. However, even after this short time their teaching method proved too boring to really retain my attention. There is no tangible way of measuring students progress as their focus seems to be on conversational English, other schools are more focused on exam preparation.  Be careful about any school that markets itself as "unique", standards within any industry are established with good reason. This is not really a place for professionals, rather for those seeking a gap year or four. The social media is glossy but ultimately you will be working with individuals, at Number 16 you are only a number.

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