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TESOL resume in Saudi Arabia (Middle East)

Academic Coordinator, Assessment Item Writer and ESL Instructor

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    • Academic Coordinator, Assessment Item Writer and ESL Instructor

      By: Fathima Omar < Show E-mail >

      Date: Wed, 07 Apr 2021

      Location: Middle East (Saudi Arabia)

      Kindly receive my CV and cover letter as a first step for further discussion for the position of anEnglish language teacher at your institution. My qualifications, experience, teaching philosophyand personality make me an excellent and dependable candidate for this position. I am a nativeEnglish speaker from South Africa with a BA in Business Management and Marketing. Inaddition, I hold a PGCE in Business Studies and Economics as well as a B.Ed (HONS) inEducation Management and Leadership, and thus I am registered with the South African Councilfor Educators. In terms of ESL, I hold a CELTA Certificate from Cambridge, and I am currentlystudying towards my MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL through the University of Leicester(UK).

      As an individual, I am enthusiastic about teaching, flexible, work well in a team or alone andhave strengths to share beyond my professional skills. I am a responsible, trustworthy andhardworking individual who is self-motivated with a drive to succeed in all that I do. My strongpersonality and ability to grasp new processes with relative ease makes me an asset to anyorganisation. Amongst other qualities embedded in me, I am known for my character, honestyand excellent work ethic. My personal belief is that we are all lifelong learners, to which end Iam constantly seeking new opportunities to grow and develop both personally andprofessionally.

      Over the past eight years, I have had the privilege of working as an English language teacher ina classroom-based setting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. During this time, I have gained immense andinvaluable experience from delivering a variety of ESL coursework and I believe that the time Ihave spent teaching has certainly evolved my subject knowledge. I have taught both generaland academic English ranging from the CEFR A1 to B2 levels. This opportunity has provided mewith valuable experience in interacting with diverse student groups and using the most up todate teaching methods. I strive to ensure that every student achieves excellence through highinterest learning materials, the careful modelling and scaffolding of new skills, multiple means ofassessment, and a wide variety of ESL pedagogical approaches and instruction. In addition, mydegree in Business Management and Marketing as well as my PGCE in Business Studies andEconomics makes me uniquely qualified to teach Business English.

      My teaching philosophy is one that is built around encouragement and empowerment so as topromote and develop my learners’ critical thinking skills. As an educator, I am sensitive to mylearners’ individual needs and I have the ability to provide support in order to keep studentsfocused and motivated. I believe in putting knowledge into context so that learners arestimulated to seek answers and advance their knowledge. The facilitation of an open andnurturing learning environment will motivate students to learn and be driven by their ownsuccesses and accomplishments to meet their full potential. I also possess the ability tocommunicate and relate with my students and hope to aid my students in their all-rounddevelopment into responsible young adults who can take ownership of their learning, and whounderstand and respect the concept of multicultural diversity. I am an ambitious individual andmy ability to adapt to different surroundings with ease as well as my experience as an Englishlanguage teacher will make me an asset to your dynamic and cohesive institution.

      I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your time and consideration.

      Fathima Omar

      Academic Coordinator, Assessment Item Writer and ESL Instructor

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