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      By: Gareth Pieterse < Show E-mail >

      Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2020

      Location: Online (Online)


      I have been an English speaker my entire life. With the help of family and a select group of teachers my English standards have always been somewhat above average. Having spent the majority of my life in an Afrikaans environment, I have developed many skills in a social atmosphere which has benefitted the non-English speakers in my local community. I have often wondered if these social activities could be translated into a professional career, as many of my "students" have suggested. I would love the opportunity to pass my knowledge and skills in the field to those who don't yet possess them, and aid them in creating a better future for themselves by helping them master a universal language, and in so doing hopefully assist them in becoming teachers to the next generation in their own social constructs.

      I realize I have no professional experience in teaching, and I thank you for your time and your consideration.

      Please find a brief Curriculum Vitae attached, as well as proof of TEFL course completion.


      Gareth Pieterse

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