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TESOL resume in Thailand (Southeast Asia)

NES Teacher Seeking New Opportunity

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    • NES Teacher Seeking New Opportunity

      By: Brent Bridges < Show E-mail >

      Date: Sun, 01 Dec 2019

      Location: Southeast Asia (Thailand)

      Introduction and Summary | All about me

      An experienced English teacher and manager, I am looking for new opportunities to expand my skill set and continue my career growth.  My experience gives me the tools to plan lessons effectively, assess learning outcomes, adjust and adapt to unforeseen circumstances, and deliver meaningful results where students gain the requisite skills to communicate using English is meaningful, rich ways.  I am experienced with learners of all ages and remain open to a new experience that will be mutually beneficial.

      Education: Bachelor’s Degree          Marital Status: Married

      Certificate: TESOL Certified             Current Visa Status: Extension of stay (family)

      Experience: 10+ Years                    Age: 39 years old young

      Nationality: American                     Date of Birth: October 21st 1980


      Who I have taught | Previous Teaching Experience

      Pro Language                                                                                        August 2019 – Present

      Corporate English Instructor                                                                           Rayong, Thailand

      Currently teaching three intensive business English courses to working professionals at a technology firm operating in industrial estates in Thailand

      COMO Point Yamu [five-star resort]                                    April 2018 – July 2019

      English Teacher and Hospitality Trainer | Human Resources                               Phuket, Thailand

      A five-star property overlooking the Andaman Sea, COMO's 300 employees need five-star English to match the five-star rating. My main task is to increase the level of English among the staff, but I have many roles. I serve as Manager on Duty as required. I drive Leading Quality Assurance (LQA) service standards, and plan creative ways to increase our post stay survey results. I'm the resident writer, proofreader, and editor. I plan, organize, and facilitate events like English Week for employees to gain authentic and meaningful practice which leads to more rapid Acquisition of language. I evaluate candidates to ensure their level of English is suitable for the position they're paying for as well as supporting my HR team in any way I can for the betterment of the team and the property.

      International Montessori School of Beijing                     August 2017 – February 2018

      English as an Additional Language [EAL] Specialist                                            Beijing, China

      In this very unique role, I was paired with the lead teacher in a Montessori classroom where we worked together to create strategies to facilitate the English language learning of the students without deviating too much from the Montessori teaching model.  

      Mary Immaculate Convent School                                         January 2015 – March 2017

      Academic Manager / Head Teacher                                                                Chonburi (Muang), Thailand

      I worked as the Academic Manager of the Intensive Program (I.P.) at Mary Immaculate Convent School. I was in charge of Kindergarten and Prathom classes at the school in the IP Program. There were approximately 10 people under my direction at any given time including foreign teachers and Thai teaching assistants. It was my responsibility to ensure our academic standards are being adhered to in the classroom through lesson planning, classroom performance as observed in lessons, exam and test creation and editing, and various other managerial aspects involved with running the program. I was responsible for reporting all aspects of the department’s performance to our head office in Bangkok.

      Kasetsart University                                                                    April 2012 – March 2015

      Lecturer and English Language Teacher                                                          Bang Khen, Thailand    

      Each term, I was responsible for designing, implementing, and delivering two sections of IELTS Preparation for both undergraduate and graduate level students who mainly had the goal of working of studying abroad. I additionally taught a general conversation course on weekends aimed at working professionals in business who needed to develop their English competencies in order to meet the demands if their employment situation.

      Sacred Heart Convent School                                               October 2009 – January 2015

      English Teacher                                                                                            Bangkok, Thailand

      I served as a primary English teacher. In this position, I taught all levels of primary school. I was responsible for lesson planning, developing my own materials, and coordinating with the administration regarding writing exams and conforming to the expectations set forth by the school. Sacred Heart is a well-respected educational institution in Bangkok known by many local residents and having a reputation for quality educational programs.

      BitS (Thailand)                                                                              January 2010 - December 2013

      Corporate English Instructor                                                                        Bangkok, Thailand   

      I was responsible for teaching a wide variety of students in the greater Bangkok region for specific courses that are customized for individual clients. I taught situational English and Business English to adults working for companies and various Thai government agencies.

      Selection of Companies and Government Agencies: Freewill Solutions ▪ Nestle Ice Cream ▪ ONESQA ▪ Thai Industrial Gasses ▪ MMSVM Logistics ▪ The National Office for the Endowment of Persons with Disabilities ▪ ACE INA Insurance

      New Sang Jin English Academy                                            September 2008 – August 2009

      English Language Teacher                                                                          Ulsan, South Korea

      I was responsible for developing my own materials and curriculum for a wide variety of students aged mainly from primary to secondary. I also taught corporate executives from Hyundai Heavy Industries on a regular basis. I completed my contract with nothing but praise from my employer.

      Additional Related Teaching Experience                                                             Recurring

      • Private Teaching | Over the years, I have had many private students whom I taught one-on-one as time allowed. They all had different goals that we worked on together including: preparation for exams, reading ability, general speaking, and English for marketing.
      • English Camp Facilitator | From time to time, I am offered an opportunity to teach and facilitate for an English camp. I have done many camps which represent as much entertainment as they do English.


      Where I Studied | Education

      Bachelor of Science Business Administration | Finance Specialization         2004–2008

      American University - Kogod School of Business                                             Washington, DC

      Summa Cum Laude, University Honors


      Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language                                   2005–2008

      American University                                                                                     Washington, DC

      This was a rigorous program that consisted of 15 graduate level credit hours where principles of linguistics, theories of second language acquisition, English language teaching approaches and strategies, and the fundamental aspects of pronunciation were explored in depth to provide the knowledge and tools needed in the classroom.                                                                    


      Teaching Philosophy and Writing sample

      My personal philosophy and approach to teaching the English language is very different than it was when I first walked into a classroom armed with theories of second language acquisition, tools for corrective feedback, and an overwhelming amount of statistical data to support what works well and what doesn’t work in the classroom.  The rigorous academic program that would prepare me for my teaching career seemed to have overlooked one aspect of teaching that we can’t assign a number to so easily, the uniqueness and individual characteristics of people.  It took me quite some time to learn how to read my classroom and make the adjustments required for the students to feel safe enough to take the language risks required to facilitate true language acquisition.  The best way I can summarize my approach to teaching is with the following sentence:

      In my career, I have taught the same underlying grammar point, set of vocabulary words, or any number of language features that are exactly the same, yet I never quite teach them in exactly the same way.  When I step into a classroom, an office, or some environment to deliver a lesson, the first thing I do is assess the situation.  I take a mental note of the lighting, the whiteboard location and height, the audio-visual equipment, and all of the external environmental factors of the space.  Then, I begin the most important part of the observation, getting to know the students.  As they filter in, I might be busy setting up, reviewing my notes, or any number of things.  However, I am always listening and taking stock of the personality types in the class. 

      Through this process, my experience has taught me to adapt the delivery of my lesson.  If there’s nothing but silence when I am setting up for the first time on the 36th floor of a Bangkok skyscraper as students sit tiredly playing with their mobile phones, I have my work cut out for me.  The whiteboard work and grammar rules are the easy part.  Engaging the students in a meaningful way, catching their interest, and ensuring their eyes aren’t watching the clock are of paramount importance.  In this class, I need to be lively, animated, and I need to get these students out of their chairs quickly.  I will set the tone very early on that this is no university lecture.  Rather, this is an opportunity to gain exposure to features of the language, practice with your peers, relax, and have a bit of fun while we do it.

      The following morning, I will face a classroom of primary students who might be rowdy and obnoxious.  I don’t think getting them out of their seats is a very good idea.  My examples aren’t going to pertain to the office environment I found myself in the night before.  I need to lay down the ground rules and enforce them firmly and fairly.  I need to capitalize on their energy by building up the grammar structure by using team games to ensure no individual who might not have fully grasped the concept yet doesn’t feel discouraged.  This lesson is fast-paced, dynamic, engaging, and focused on production.  Nonetheless, the grammar structure underlying all of it might be exactly the same as the one I delivered the night before.  Maybe it was comparatives and superlatives, the usage of the past tense, or any of dozens of structures with exactly the same rules governing their usage.

      The next lesson of the day follows the same exact lesson plan with the same outcomes defined, but this class is different.  They are shy and reserved.  There’s silence when you walk in, an even their greeting is unenthusiastic.  The point being that any number of factors can impact the environment.  Like snowflakes, no two people are the same.  As an educator, I need to recognize this and remain adaptable and flexible enough to make decisions about the direction of the lesson, what is working, and what is not.  It is my purpose to facilitate language learning, and a failure to adapt the lesson to the students in the classroom represents ineffective teaching which is a disservice to the learners.  So, when I say that I never teach the same lesson twice, I truly mean never because a student-centered learning environment adapted to their needs and abilities is critical for the outcomes of the lesson to be achieved effectively.


      พูดภาษาไทยได้ไหม | Language skills

      English: Native Speaker with Exceptional Writing and Grammar

      Thai: Functional Communication and Basic Reading and Writing


      Certifications and additional training

      Buggy Driving License and Safety and Maintenance Training

      CPR and First Aid (including AED usage)

      Chemical Safety Standards: Handling, Labelling, Storage, and Identification

      Fire Safety

      Open Water Emergency Situation Training and Techniques

      Tsunami and Earthquake Safety and Procedures

      Jolly Phonics | Workshop and Training about using the Jolly Phonics program effectively


      Requests for additional information

      Please feel free to ask for any of the following which are not included here:

      • References from previous managers, employers, or colleagues
      • Letters of verification of employment
      • University transcripts
      • Original documents
      • Additional writing samples
      • Copy of current permission to stay


      Giving something back | Volunteering Experience

      Volunteering has always been important to me because it is important to give back to the community or those less fortunate.  I believe in helping people to help themselves and sustainable projects that have long-lasting implications.  Here are a few projects I have undertaken.

      Casa de Milagros [Cusco, Peru] | With a small team, I travelled to this small orphanage in the Sacred Valley just outside of Cusco, Peru where hard work was and still is being done to give disadvantaged children and second opportunity.  The local school needed a sheltered place where the children could eat in the event of rain, so we took two weeks and put a roof on a structure and repaired the building which is still used today by the local school.

      Teacher for Rayong Teachers | On Saturday mornings, I would drive to a large school in Rayong for a three-hour class I would deliver to Thai teachers from around the province who were there to learn different approaches to language learning.  They were seeking more communicative activities for their students and more creative methods to engage students resulting in communication rather than memorization.  This experience was refreshing, fun, and I would love to do it again.


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