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TESOL resource in Science (Science)

Child friendly, and safe website that teaches science

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    • Child friendly, and safe website that teaches science

      By: Wonderville Science < Show E-mail >

      Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2010

      Location: ( Type : Science )

      Wonderville is an award winning, educational, child friendly, and safe website that teaches science in a relevant, meaningful, and fun manner. Set up as an online community, it builds on learning, encourages curiosity, and helps children discover the wonder of science.

      Who provides wonderville.ca?
      Wonderville is provided by Science Alberta Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to increasing science literacy and awareness. SAF develops engaging resources - bringing science and math to life for Albertans of all ages. SAF's programs motivate children, youth and families to embrace lifelong science and technology learning.

      Games and Activities
      With more than 30 Games and 4 Kelvin Adventure Games (with different levels of play, encouraging knowledge mastery), there is a game for everyone. The games are searchable by age and grade level - making it easy for teachers, parents, and children to find the game that best supports appropriate learning. Many of the games are curriculum-related and can be used as extension activities to what is taught at school.

      Printable Activities
      There are many activities that help take learning one step further. These activity pages lay out how to conduct real science experiments at school or at home - encouraging children, parents, and teachers to really explore. Nurturing curiosity and developing critical thinking skills, children note their observations and then read on to find out the science behind the results.

      For children and youth wondering how they will ever use science, there are videos providing an inside/behind the scenes look at real science-based careers. The careers featured are right here in Alberta, so they are seen as relatable and attainable and get youth thinking about possible career options.

      Finding the answer to why ice floats is easy. Trying to find an answer that is understood by a child is more challenging. Within these videos there are animations and clips explaining science facts in an easily understood language and engaging medium.

      The Science Content
      Within each game, activity, and video there are science facts. All science information has been vetted by science experts to ensure accuracy.

      What is the cost to use wonderville.ca?
      There is no cost for the website. wonderville.ca is provided by Science Alberta Foundation, whose sponsors graciously cover the cost of game, activity, and video development and maintenance.


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