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Free interactive media for classroom management

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    • Free interactive media for classroom management

      By: ChinaJobMap.com < Show E-mail >

      Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2015

      Location: ( Type : ESL/EFL )

      Classroom Management
      Save yourself setting up time by using these free Flash interactive media to help organize and manage your classroom.
      1: Pick a Student
      Select a random student
      Click the stop button to randomly select a number, and press play to resume.
      Also you can click on the smaller numbers that have been previously selected.
      You can select 20, 30 or 40 students
      Select a pair of students
      Click and drag numbers into the middle squares. You can place used numbers in the bottom half of the screen.
      Click here to open
      Click here to print out numbers
      You can laminate them to use multiple times, up to 40 cards.
      2: Virtual Typewriter
      Have you ever had to teach in a room where there was either no whiteboard, no markers or they're dried up, or someone has written with a permanent marker?
      Use this virtual typewriter if you need to spell words and have nothing to write on.
      Click here to open
      3: Jeopardy Scoreboard
      If you hold Jeopardy type activities and you need to keep track of scores. This will not only help save time setting up, but also help you manage and spend more time on your activity.
      20 counters with four digits.
      Click here to open
      4: Scoreboard
      If you have competitions or voting in your class then use this scoreboard. Instead of ruling up a chalkboard, simply open this up and save class time.
      10 groups with 20 points.
      Click here to open
      This visual timer is four minutes long, each square is one second and the purpose is for students to see how long they have.
      This is useful for activities such as debates, where you want students to see how long they have left. Rather than drag on, students will see the urgency of rounding up their arguments.
      Click here to open
      6: Coin Toss
      A simple method for deciding which students can pick a topic in a debate, or any other use.
      Click here to open
      7: Letters to form groups
      If you want students to form groups and you want them to be with different students each time.
      Hand out these letters and each student teams up with similar letters.
      Up to 40 cards, A to J and four of each.
      Click here to open


      Free interactive media for classroom management
      Click here to open activities

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