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    Teacher and Tutor

    Over the past twenty years, Janice has moved from teaching toddlers, to their parents, to tertiary students, adults and then into the corporate market.

    Making the Transition from Offline to Online Tutoring

    For many years, students had to rely on face-to-face individual or group tutoring in order to receive academic assistance outside of the classroom. But tutoring has changed as technological advancements - namely, the Internet - have come about.

    Tutoring Students on Conversation Skills? Set Clear Expectations!

    Tutoring conversation skills seems quite easy, but setting clear expectations establishes standards and avoids problems. The author, an experienced conversation tutor and university professor, provides a concise overview of te numerous advantages to approaching tutoring conversation in a systematic manner.

    Stop the Homework Fights: Work Smarter, Not Harder

    Jen had reached her wit's end. After a long day at work, she used to look forward to coming home and spending time with her kids, even if it was just the time in the car on the way to soccer practice. Lately, homework fights had killed any "quality" out of the quality time they spent together.

    What does this inexplicable tutor want?

    Many students around the world face in their opinion with insurmountable challenges- to design and successfully complete their writing assignments. Whatever task you face whatever type of paper you are assigned with and whatever program you are enrolled at, one should always remember that...

    Can A Child Get Adequate Socialization From Home Schooling?

    Home schooling parents are often asked if they worry that their home schoolers aren't getting adequate socialization? In order for a child to progress in this world he or she need to know how to be sociable. In public and private schools socialization is something that comes naturally even though it isn't part of the curriculum.