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    Pros and Cons of Online Tutoring

    Internet infrastructure has developed to a point that it has become extremely easy and convenient to hire an online tutor. This option usually presents itself as a dilemma to parents looking to hire a tutor for their child. While it is easy to presume that live teaching can in no way match the experience of having the teacher physically present, the experience actually varies depending on the student's age, his/her comfort with technology, the subject taught and the experience levels of the educator. Let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of online tutoring in more detail.

    Finding A Tutor - 10 Tips for Finding a Local Tutor

    It can be tough finding the right tutor to fit your child's needs. Let us help you ask the right questions and find the right tutor match.

    Tutoring Rates As an Employment For Retired Teachers

    Employment for retired teachers is one hot topic nowadays. Considering that every year, hundreds of old mentors tend to leave school because it is but right for them to retire. However, retirement for some is a dead end. It is in this phase where they will not do anything and simply wait at home idling for some things.

    Does Your Child Need a Tutor?

    As admission standards to high schools and universities continue to become more and more difficult, a private tutor is an educational supplement that parents are increasingly looking to as an option. However, there are many questions that parents frequently have as they initiate the process.

    How to Know if Tutoring is Working

    Whenever you or your child work with a tutor, the question can come to mind: "Is this really working?" There are only a few individuals in the equation who can answer the question, and they are those who are immediately affected by the tutoring. While there is no simple formula to determine whether tutoring was 100% successful

    Tutoring Students on Conversation Skills? Set Clear Expectations!

    Tutoring conversation skills seems quite easy, but setting clear expectations establishes standards and avoids problems. The author, an experienced conversation tutor and university professor, provides a concise overview of te numerous advantages to approaching tutoring conversation in a systematic manner.