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    The Young Primary Teacher\\\'s Guide To Preparing For An Absent Day

    If you believe you are likely to be away sick tomorrow, plan today the work that you will leave for the relief teacher. Make sure you leave clear, detailed instructions on your desk where it is easy to find. Worksheets left for the relief teacher to use need to be based on the current work units which will help consolidate the students' learning.

    Choosing A Preschool Curriculum

    There are several major preschool curricula on offer. With a growth in demand for high quality education, even at a young age, preschool programs are evolving to offer comprehensive teaching standards that stem from research or academic research.

    Elementary School Classes Should Be Split by Level

    In an elementary school, there are often four or five classes of each grade level. In our district, one of those classes is for children in the gifted program. If there aren't enough children in the gifted program in that grade level, other students who score high are added to fill up that class.

    How to Help Preschoolers Develop Learning Skills

    If your child is old enough to attend school then apart from getting your child admitted in the best school it is your duty to help the child develop some learning skills. Helping your child develop learning skills can make it easier for them, to grasp things when they are at school.

    Mind Your Manners - Teaching Children

    As a child I knew my place. I did not interrupt adults when they were talking, I said please and thank you, and I understood that as a child I could not confront adults. In some respects I kept my place out of fear and in others out of respect.

    Using Stories in the Preschool ESL Classroom

    Do you want to start using stories in the preschool ESL classroom but don't know where to start? There are many great pre-k activities for ESL classrooms, including games, but it's also very important to not discount the power of stories. Whether you're reading a classic book, making up a story as you go along or designing a story specifically for a particular lesson, you'll want to be sure to include stories in the preschool ESL class every day.