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    Early Bilingual Learning: Is It Necessary?

    Online Spanish Classes! Spanish is the most common second language in the world and the most popular language taught in the United States schools. One reason it seems Spanish is the most popular second language, is over 20 countries claim it as their first language and over 400 million people speak it. More people on earth today speak two or more languages. With numbers like that it seems we all should learn a little bit of this popular language. In high school I spent time in France after completing my required classes in French. Once I returned home I rarely ever spoke it again. I regret tha

    Learning Literacy at a Young Age

    Between the ages of key stage one and key stage two, children will be learning their basic literacy skills, which will provide them with the foundation to build a more solid and diverse understand in future years. The subject is commonly split up into 3 different factions. Reading, writing and spelling, however, in some cases spelling is often a sub structure of writing.

    Improving Reading Instruction For Children

    America's literacy rates lag far behind other countries. It's time for America to carefully research the most effective ways to teach children how to read, to help our struggling readers, and support our English language learners.

    Elementary Education - How to Teach Young Children

    Elementary education is so important as it provides the basics upon which all other education builds. Without these basics, children will struggle throughout their school education, causing unhappiness, stress, and perhaps behavior problems. This means that elementary school teachers need to help all their students as much as possible with these basic topics.

    Learning Difficulties in Preschool Children - The First Steps to Early

    In my first years as an early childhood teacher in a small private preschool, if one of the children in my care was not following the 'norms' of development, it was not clear to me what I should do. As we all know, the early childhood field can have a fast turn over of staff in child care centres, and often the Directors or Authorised Supervisors have just as little or less field experience as other staff.

    Activity Preschool Songs- Why Teach Your Preschooler Using Rhyme and S

    You may have noticed the prevalence of rhyme in children's books and songs, but have you ever wondered why? There are several reasons why educators, authors, and song writers who target young children use rhyme so much.