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    Metacognition in Reading Competency

    As related to the reading process, metacognition can be defined as contemplation concerning one's own thinking processes or knowledge of one's own thinking processes. Reading fluency and comprehension is a major problem for students today. Age and experience influence proficiency in metacognitive learning. As is obvious, the earlier and more frequently an individual practices metacognition in reading the more proficient he or she will become. Therefore, the earlier a c

    The Different Stages of Reading

    In English we translate sounds into letters when going from a spoken message to a written one. Reading is looking at letters and translating them back into spoken sounds. Picture someone reading out loud. Sound really easy? You might be surprised at how common sense the 4 basic stages of reading progress are from here.

    Literature and Literary Studies Center: A Sample Proposal

    However, the proponent of this proposal observes a problem that might later on give a substantial hindrance not only in the execution, implementation and accreditation of the ABLL degree but also to the professors who will be handling the major subjects and to the ABLL students most especially, i. e. the need for a literature center to support the ABLL program as well as the individuals concerned.

    Visualization And Improving Reading Comprehension While Speed Reading

    Reading faster often ruins comprehension. Many people want to use speed reading to both complete text faster and improve their comprehension. The world's fastest reader describes how to accomplish this.

    How to Differentiate Reading Fluency Practice

    Educators value the importance of reading fluency practice. However, practicing repetitive reading passages with one-size fits all fluency recordings does not meet the diverse needs of your students. Instead, save some money on expensive fluency programs and truly differentiate your fluency instruction.

    The Simple Magic of Reading

    "Books make a complete man," said a man centuries ago. This holds true today as yesterday. Sadly, the young generation might have lost interest in reading books because more and more forms of entertainment compete for their attention. Movies enchant them, music and MTV grab their attention, and computer games challenge their skills. This is very disheartening, especially if we will take into consideration the vast amount of knowledge that we miss if we fail to read voraciously.