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    Teachers can bring some innovative ideas of ten minutes by modifying the instructional practices in the reading classes in a way with the ultimate aim improving our students’ ever evolving needs.

    English Majors Experience Various Works Of Literature

    English majors are subject to take a variety of advanced literature courses. These higher-level courses delve into great detail about how to read various forms of writing, including fiction, poetry, essay, and drama. Writing types are broken down and explored on several different levels, instilling a great appreciation of the world of literature. With drama (also known as a play) students learn about several different components, one of which is the Elements

    Scaffolding Strategies for Enhancing Reading: A Survey of Literature

    Enhancing students' reading is one of the major concerns in the field of teaching. There are different strategies that teachers can follow in order to support and encourage students to read properly as well as developing their critical thinking. Among those strategies is scaffolding. Many studies have shed the light on the use of scaffolded instruction in the classroom. The present paper seeks to survey the literature in order to reflect on the following que

    Speed Reading

    "Babies are born with the instinct to speak, the way spiders are born with the instinct to spin webs. You don't need to train babies to speak; they just do. But reading is different." - isn't it true some habits have to be nurtured at tender age.

    Helping Students With Reading Problems

    Reading is a difficult process. The brain must be doing several things at once in order to make sense out of the written word. Many things can go wrong when a student is learning to read. Kids who struggle with reading struggle with life. If there is just one skill you can spend time on to help a student succeed in school and life, it would be reading.

    When Reading is Stupid; the Why, How and What to Do About It

    As we are about to embark on a teaching career we as English teachers need to be aware that our students will not always share the same enthusiasm and passion we have for reading. Jeffrey Wilhelm's article "When Reading is Stupid; the Why, How and What to Do About It" is therefore of particular relevance as it discusses the issue of how teachers can motivate their students to read more.