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    Special Rules of Grammar for English Speaking

    In this globalised world, it is essential to be fluent in English, the global medium of communication. Being proficient in English will open doors for your education, career and social life. It is not enough that you just string together two words to be an expert in English speaking. You should also know how to frame grammatically correct English sentences. The study of grammar is one of the most tedious aspects of any language. Many candidates give up as they feel Eng

    English Grammar Tips: How to Determine When to Use Their, There, or Th

    English Grammar Tips: Homonyms "Teacher, I get confused. How do I know when to use their, there or they're in English?" Have you ever been asked this frequent question? It's but one of many English language teachers worldwide hear from perplexed learners. It's a fair enough question as these three forms are what we call homonyms. That is, they are words which sound the same but have distinctly different meanings. Fortunately, the differences and applications can be easily clarified. Let's look at them now. The Possessive Pronoun "Their" This first one, "their", is a possessive pronoun. We use

    Basic English Grammar: Certain Techniques Used by an Indian Teacher Pr

    Indians have great love and admiration for English language. This is, in spite of the onslaught by various Governments in Independent India, giving importance to native languages. English teachers are one of the most respected lots among the society. Each teacher has his technique in teaching English. The author of this article, as a freelance teacher to adults has some methods to teach Grammar. Nine of them are listed in the following paragraphs.

    English Grammar - 6 Tips For ESL Learners

    English Grammar - 6 Tips For ESL Learners

    How to Learn English Using Grammar Books

    Grammar is one of the most essential things you should know when you learn to write proper English. It deals with the forms and structures of words and sentences. You should know the proper usage of such words. The best way to learn English grammar is not by using the dictionary but by using English grammar books.

    Vocabulary Building

    Nothing pure about it--English I mean. After all, the British Isles were invaded several times, as when, during the 5th century, the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes arrived, pushing out Celtic in favor of their Germanic tongue.