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    For ESL students: How to parse English sentences.

    Parsing English sentences is a great way to learn about English grammar, and to master practical skills. Here are some steps to practise parsing. (1) Find the verbs, determine whether they are Active (Action of Verb) or Passive (Received action of Verb). (2) Locate auxiliary (or helping) verbs. (3) Identify tense of verb--(Past, present, or future). (4) Identify subordinate clauses, and their tense. (5) Determine the basic elements of each sentence. (6) Identify subject of sentence--what is the sentence discussing? (7) What type of sentence is it? Is it a statement, question, exclamation, comm

    Warmers for Adult Classes

    ‘Always do a warmer’ is a standard part of the EFL mantra, but why should we do them and what type of activity should they be? The rationale for doing a warmer: * The ice breaker. Often recommended with new students and classes but it actually applies to all students. People will communicate more easily if they feel familiar and comfortable with the person they are talking to. For new classes, warmers provide the chance to get to know their new classmates, to find something out about them. For existing classes, students often have no contact with each other outside of class so they will st

    Teaching Children: Some FAQs

    ~~Teaching children can be a challenging prospect, especially to those who are new to teaching. But don’t worry! Below are some FAQs about teaching English to young children, with suggestions and tips. Q: What should my main role be when teaching? A: In a young learner class your role is very special. Your enthusiasm for English and having fun will be transmitted to the children. This leads to their love of coming to your lesson and learning English! As a teacher of young children you need to be prepared to do silly things the children enjoy – for example, putting your hands on your head t

    Things To Consider Before You Teach In The Middle East

    Going to teach in the Middle East can be an amazing and rewarding experience. You'll get to experience new and exciting cultures, make friends with people you might never otherwise meet, and you also get to take advantage of the travel opportunities. Before you quit your job and pack up your home, however, consider these three things.

    Teaching ESL - Why English Can Be Very Difficult to Learn

    English can be very difficult to learn and there are many reasons for that. First of all, let's look at where the English language comes from: Latin, Greek, Norse, Germanic tribes (Saxony, e.g.), French (Norman), and many others. In days of yore in Britain where English started, there were the Angles (a tribal people)...thus Anglish which became English. However, the Angles had originally crossed the Channel from Germany as did the Saxons. Brittany is in Fra

    Teaching English As a Second Language

    Grew up in an English speaking country? Or your Mum and Dad taught you to speak English? Or both? Congratulations! You have a talent that is in huge demand and that can take you just about anywhere in the world. Teaching English as a second or foreign language.