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    Quick and Simple Writing Activities

    ~~Writing is a complex process that encourages thinking and learning. Once learners realize that writing is a process that does not have to be right first time they are more willing to experiment, explore, revise and edit. Activity 1: Simple Description with Visuals Have learners examine a picture and ask them to identify the objects in it. Then have them write a paragraph to describe the picture. Activity 2: Completing a Description Paragraph Have learners examine a picture and complete a description paragraph. For example: Learners look at a picture and complete the following paragraph:  Ma

    TESOL Lesson Planning

    The Art Of Lesson Planning Some people feel as though lesson plans are a waste of time, or that they restrict their teaching freedom. It is true that sometimes we begin a lesson feeling rather under-prepared, but still manage to teach well. In a similar sense, we sometimes spend ages preparing a lesson, only to find ourselves changing direction halfway through. However, lesson planning at some level or other is essential, and good teachers take it very seriously. There

    The Experiential Learning Cycle and Teacher Training

    Using the Experiential Learning Cycle as a framework for training TESOL teachers can have many positive outcomes including on the confidence and competence of each individual participant. The stages of the ELC framework are explored along with its benefits.

    Teaching ESL - Why English Can Be Very Difficult to Learn

    English can be very difficult to learn and there are many reasons for that. First of all, let's look at where the English language comes from: Latin, Greek, Norse, Germanic tribes (Saxony, e.g.), French (Norman), and many others. In days of yore in Britain where English started, there were the Angles (a tribal people)...thus Anglish which became English. However, the Angles had originally crossed the Channel from Germany as did the Saxons. Brittany is in Fra

    Progress Testing in TESOL

    Progress tests are important for students. These tests assist students and teachers to measure progress in a specific textbook series. Teachers usually prepare their own progress tests, although many textbook series present a number of progress or unit tests.

    How to Get a Teaching Job

    Let me set the scene for a moment… The interview committee at a well-respected, very competitive, high-paying school district has narrowed down its huge list of 500 applicants to the final three.