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    Meeting the Learners: Ice-breakers & Warmers

    ~~Warmers are fun and communicative, they should take around five minutes, be very simple to set up and are a good way to review or practise language. They are not an opportunity to present or learn ‘new’ language. They should energise the learners rather than dominate the lesson. Learners need time to ‘warm up’ in English at the start of each lesson. By varying your activities and making them brief and purposeful learners will be more energized and focused towards dealing with the target language of the lesson. By varying warmers the learners can be kept on their toes, interested, foc

    Are You Thinking About Becoming a Teacher?

    Having retired from public education after about 35 years in the classroom, I encountered withdrawal and so returned as a volunteer, guest presenter, and college supervisor. There are few thrills greater in life than working with excited teachers and engaged students. I have discovered that good teachers want to get better; great teachers wish to advance strategies and skills; fantastic teachers want to know and be and do terrific things every day in every way to reach and teach every child. Regardless of the above mentioned category, these teachers want to improve so that their lessons engage

    5 Things Teachers Need From Students

    When we think about schooling, we often wonder exactly what it is that students require from their teacher. However, it is important to understand that teachers need a few things from their students too.

    Top 10 Trends in Schooling in 2010

    What are the TOP 10 trends to be aware of in schooling in Australia in 2010? Schools are in a constant state of change. 2010 will also see significant changes. Be aware of the TOP 10 Trends in schooling in Australia this year.

    7 Effective Strategies For Improving Communication With Parents

    Communication between people who have a task to achieve is crucial. And what more important job is there than educating a child? It's a monumental undertaking, but fortunately, the efforts of a few improve exponentially when everyone is working together.

    The Con in Constructivism

    Constructivism has been ubiquitous for decades; educators can hardly write a grant proposal without using this trendy term. But what does it mean?