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    Work Smarter, Not Harder! Using Open-Ended Questions In The Classroom

    Work smarter, not harder! How, you ask, with all of the added demands and expectations of differentiation that the educational world is now placing upon teachers? In this article, I offer one simple solution to help educators work smarter with the time that they have: open-ended question asking. Open-ended questions The open-ended question format is a natural answer for how to differentiate in the classroom! Instead of giving students the question all the time, give th

    Eligibility to become an English Teacher

    In order to become an English teacher, one must be fluent in English with a sound educational background and must complete a certified English teacher training course. Specialization in a specific academic field is not mandatory to become an English teacher but a proper teacher training course is.

    Does the Present Educational System Build the Character of the Human

    Every human has to pass through the usual stages of growth. We all move on from one stage to another like moving on from one class to another. No one stays in the same stage for long as time is the greatest teacher. Humans grow in time and spend a lot of the growing years in educational ...

    A New Approach to Education

    The same is the state of system of our education that enforces us to remember the language of books and also use it in the exams otherwise your marks have to suffer. And this so called examination system is also a useless thing as it ends up only where students used to study only the syllabus which is necessary for the exams quantizing the interests of the students.

    Great Teachers: Educational & Teaching Skills -Teacher O S Ari

    Great teachers motivational teaching skills, educational teacher-parent-student relations; why hailed educator Orhan Seyfi Ari was so popular in education

    Teacher Finds Inspiration to Inspire Students

    I started teaching at age 27. Though I thought I was old then, I look back now and see that I was most assuredly still a very young adult. Back then I was very much a self-starter.