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    Meeting the Learners: Ice-breakers & Warmers

    ~~Warmers are fun and communicative, they should take around five minutes, be very simple to set up and are a good way to review or practise language. They are not an opportunity to present or learn ‘new’ language. They should energise the learners rather than dominate the lesson. Learners need time to ‘warm up’ in English at the start of each lesson. By varying your activities and making them brief and purposeful learners will be more energized and focused towards dealing with the target language of the lesson. By varying warmers the learners can be kept on their toes, interested, foc

    The Ambitions of Ghetto Youth: Too Small

    You want to know the hardest thing about motivating students? It's this: Every student out there wants to have one of three jobs. They want to be an actor, a musician, or an athlete. That's it. Three jobs.

    My Ideal Educational Philosophy

    In an ideal world, I really believe that the majority of people who are involved in education, whether they're a teacher, administrator, coach, counselor, are anything else, would have a genuine care for kids. I also think that most educators really are trying to do the best they can with what they have, and they probably feel that their style or philosophy of what they're doing is the best way to do it.

    The No Child Left Behind Act is the Wrong Approach to the Right Proble

    How desirable it would be to achieve the goal of "No Child Left Behind" in our society. But the congressional act designed to achieve that goal is flawed. Its focus is limited to academic achievement as measured by high stakes testing.

    The Path to Quality in a School: Grow It or Lose It

    There is an effective process for pursuing quality or continuous improvement in any school. This description of the path to quality is based upon the author's fifty years of direct involvement and observation in public education. Here are the steps in the path:

    Why is Teaching Children How to Think More Valuable Than Teaching Them

    Benjaming Franklin once wrote, "...as the happiness or real good of men consists in right action, and right action cannot be produced without right opinion, it behooves us, above all things in this world, to take care that our opinions of things are according to the nature of things. The foundation of all virtue and happiness is thinking rightly."