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    Training Guidelines for the Novice Teachers

    When a school looks for a new teacher particularly at the junior level, they create a picture of the teacher they desire. Every school has certain considerations for the teaching staffs and these depend on the setting of the school and the children. While the traits considered for teachers may be different, there are some essential teacher training courses that are mandatory for every novice teacher to ace their competency. Below I have discussed some of the most popular and

    Engaging The Disengaged Student

    The A.C.T. Strategy  Part 1 of 3 Prison. Juvenile detention centers. The mean streets of the city. All of these things and more are possibilities for kids these days. I know, because I've been there myself. One simple, stupid mistake made when I was a teenager led to four hard years in a correctional facility, and during that time I spent nearly every day feeling like I had completely destroyed my chances of having a life. It's a harsh, empty feeling and one that nobo

    10 Easy Tips to Communicating Across Cultures

    Ten Tips for Cross Cultural Communication  As our world becomes smaller through innovative technology and international business, effective cross-cultural communicating skills are the foundation to building strong relationships. Review these ten simple tips to keep in mind before your next business trip abroad. Understand the Culture  Before planning any business trip to another country, it is always a good idea to research and develop some awareness on the target cu

    Requirements for teaching in Thailand

    Qualifications for TEFL jobs, teaching English in Thailand   Teaching English is a popular way to live and work in Thailand, and many are employed here, legally or otherwise, in TEFL jobs. In 2014 the criteria have become more strictly enforced and not everyone qualifies to come and simply teach.   Like most countries, the ministry of education in Thailand maintains specific minimum qualifications to license teachers, Thai or otherwise, before they can step into a classroom. Afterall, they are fussy about who they allow to teach the future generations.   Thais need to have completed a degre

    TEFL Course Preparation Tips

    Internet forums are always abuzz with future TEFL students asking what they can do to prepare for their course. Here are some of my tips on what you can do to make sure you have an edge over your classmates and help make the transition into teaching and living abroad easier.

    Choosing a TEFL Course

    After careful consideration of all the above, I chose The TEFL Institute, Bangkok (www.teflthai.com), impressed by their attitude and philosophy towards learning teaching. Fortunately, I found it to be a massively positive experience, not least I am sure, due to the fact that I found a course that emphatically provided the answers I needed to the questions above.