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    Reflective Teacher: Teacher Self-Development

    Training v Development Teacher Training is not the same as Teacher development. Teacher Training: Devised by academic management Pre-determined training course structure Addresses ‘global’ teaching issues* External evaluation Input from “experts” Unthinking acceptance of knowledge Teaching seen from ‘outside in’ Stresses professional skill Teacher Development Initiated by “self” Development through reflective process Addresses ‘local’ teaching issues* Self-evaluation Input from “participants” Personal construction of knowledge Teaching seen from ‘inside out Stresses p

    Researching Teacher Education and Training in England (Key Ethical and

    The present teacher education and training environment in England is characterised by schools and university partnerships and school-based only frameworks. There are however an increasing body of 'independent' teacher education providers. Out of this 'new' thinking has emerged labels and entities such as School Direct, Teach First, Troops to Teachers and School-Centred Initial Teacher Training. This occurrence suggests that increasingly, research in teacher education a

    How Do I Design an Effective Training Course or Training Programme?

    Good research, meticulous preparation, good quality presentation material and a training instructor with the right skills and personality are only a few of the key components that make up a good, effective training course. Some trainers are very good at presenting training courses, but if you are a trainer and about to embark on designing and preparing your own training course, you must follow a well prepared plan and see it through without compromising.

    Professional Development For TEFL, TESOL Teachers

    It is difficult however to strictly categorise teachers under certain headings as teachers will find various aspects of each category true for them and their own particular personality types. These categories therefore have very vague lines...

    Lesson Observation Tips

    With 20-60 minutes to demonstrate your teaching skills the pressure is on! There are many factors which cannot be controlled but many more that can.

    Teachers - Set Boundaries in Your Professional Life With Students, Col

    Many teachers have never created any 'boundaries,' i.e., clear delineations, which may be physical or 'virtual,' where they draw the line. Do you and those around you know what your boundaries are?