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    Reading story books improves study skills

    Foster reading literacy in children via studying Literacy or reading long bedtime stories is one of the maximum crucial talents of modern-day humans. However studying and know-how do now not fall into each person's lap. The delight of analyzing does no longer come via itself. Whoever desires to promote the analyzing competency of his infant can actively make a contribution to arouse the interest of the child in texts. The sooner the kid has been installation in early life, the higher the child's future studying competency might be. What is studying competency inside the gift time, what tremend

    How to Pass Exams

    A young student was terrified that he would fail his exams. The more he thought about it, the more he was convinced that he was bound to fail and so, eventually, he went to see his lecturer for some advice. The lecturer asked him, "What seems to be the trouble?"

    How To Study And Pass Exams With Ease

    Through out my High school and college educations, there was this one thing I observed frequently, which is, most students did not know how to study effectively, thus, how to pass exams was most students' headache. But I strongly believe that with the right study techniques, study skills, study methods as well as the right study guide, every student can easily pass exams.

    Keeping a Learning Log

    A log book can be a highly valuable record for improvement. Log books are used to keep track of things such as the last date of automobile maintenance and what was done, or the number of hours a pilot has flown and where he's traveled. The log book becomes evidence of the event or action, and is used to ensure that the next trip or event is better because of what has been learned. Likewise, a student...

    Test Taking Strategies

    These twelve tips will help you get through any test and as long as you prepared adequately for it, you will certainly get an A.

    Help Your Child Study

    Learning new material is always a challenge, but a great way to lessen that challenge is to get a handle on how the brain works and make more effective use of it. There are two different sides of the learning coin, as I like to think of it: On one side you have understanding, and on the other side you have recall. For effective learning, you have to maximize both of these aspects of the process.