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    How Does One Join A Student Exchange Program?

     A number of routes exist for a student that is interested in studying abroad, be they a high school or university student. The educational institution that the student is involved with will likely have exchange programs that they already work with. Thus the first step is to get in touch with ...

    Five Things You Should Know When Studying Overseas

    Many people choose to study overseas. It is a great way to combine both study and travel, experience personal growth and undertake new challenges. Australian universities offer many great courses and degrees that are recognised world wide, and these universities are found all over the country. Once you have decided that studying overseas is for you then there are some things you should know.

    Schools in the UAE

    Many people seem to have the wrong image of schools in the UAE with many assuming they are predominantly Islamic-based and tend to "cold shoulder the West". This is very much not the case as schools in the UAE are more open, more accessible and offer one of the highest levels of education in the whole world.

    Global Education : Study in USA : Visa counseling for the U.S.

    Study Abroad Consultants : Admission counseling services for study Abroad in the USA: The Chopras -------------------------------------------- The higher education sector in the US is a buyers market. You can actually demand, and get, what is best for you.

    How Can I Afford Study Abroad?

    Study abroad does not have to be out of your reach financially if you plan ahead. If you are currently receiving financial aid at your home institution, you can often apply it to semester study abroad programs, as long as you maintain full-time academic status.

    Development and Maintenance of Quality Study Abroad Options

    It is important to understand international education best practices as you make decisions about which study abroad options your office will promote, support, approve, and/or affiliate with. What are the priorities of your institution and how do those priorities fit with various study abroad options?