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    Top 10 Earth Day Activities

    I put together 10 activities for Earth Day. Things you can do to make a difference not only for our planet, but in your community too! These are things that you can keep up with after as well, not just on Earth Day!

    Tips and Strategies For Improving Your ESL Lesson Plans

    At least a few times during the school year, you will hear yourself or other teachers talk about how the lesson for your English language learners didn't go well. For ESL activities to be largely successful, a teacher needs to find ways to motivate the students since some students may not love learning English as much as you enjoy teaching it.

    Lesson Planning Tips For New Teachers

    By asking a mentor, you are likely to learn ideas and tips that may be helpful to you in future lesson planning.

    Preschool Theme Lesson Plans

    Preschool themes are not essential for a successful preschool lesson, but they do help bring everything together and keep students engaged in learning. For that reason, preschool themes are highly encouraged to help teachers save time and energy in their planning.

    Teacher Tips - 10 Ways on How to Plan a Student Centered Lesson

    You hear snippets of student conversation in the hallways or perhaps during lessons. You chuckle with them or to yourself. Maybe you even make a comment to them that's agreeable. No doubt - this kind of scenario strengthens the teacher-student relationship and class dynamics.

    Choosing Good Classroom Icebreakers Or Team Building Activities

    If you're a teacher, trainer, or group facilitator of some sort, you probably know the value of a good icebreaker game or activity. It serves many purposes and yields valuable benefits for the group.