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    Three Theories of Kindergarten Readiness

    As children begin to approach the age of kindergarten, many parents begin to be concerned that the child is prepared for school. Educators have shared these same concerns throughout the years and have established some development theories that can aid parents in addressing their concerns. Educators will use those theories of development to understand the learning processes and to arrange their classroom and curriculum.

    Multiple Intelligence Instruction at Home

    What Kind of Smart are You? 'There is nothing new under the sun,' is an aphorism that can easily be applied to education. Education training programs have been stressing that children learn differently for a hundred years or more. But the theory of multiple intelligences as developed by Howard Gardner is a new path carved into an old, long traveled road.

    Even the Smallest Change (In Learning) Can Change Your Life Forever

    To change your life, simply change your learning! It's a small and effortless change that comes with big benefits! "Learn to learn" and never look back.

    Get Good Grades - The Two Parts to Your Mind - What Exactly Do They Do

    I have often talked about the conscious and subconscious mind without actually explaining to you what they do and how they work. I know there is nothing worse than sitting in a classroom without having a clue what the teacher is talking about, so I apologize, and here is my explanation for you.

    Why Involving Students is Important

    It's important to actively involve students in the learning process. This is generally done at the elementary level, but, in some cases, gets lost, especially in high schools. Involving students makes the subject more interesting to them.

    Gestures and Knowledge

    New Research: How Kids Triple Their Math Skills. Remember the expression, It is All Greek to Me? Algebra is comparable to Chinese to 3rd and 4th grade American students. But wait, there is more.