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    The Good ESL Teacher: Eliciting Information

    "Do you understand?" is one of the worst questions that can be asked in an ESL classroom. Many times students will answer in the affirmative in hopes of understanding later. Instead of asking if they understand, a good ESL teacher will strive to see if the student really does understand or not. This can be accomplished by eliciting information from a student.

    Learn English As Second Language Hints

    Would you like to learn to speak English fluently? There are many advantages to be able to speak English. It can open up many opportunities to you that you would not have otherwise, but you have to learn English as second language in an effective manner in order to conquer it in as short a time.

    Second Language Learning Theories, Myths and Facts

    Second language learning refers to the learning of a new language besides the native language. There are many second language learning theories that aim to explain the way second language is learnt and which approach is the best. A brief explanation of these theories is presented.

    How To Be An Entertaining ESL Teacher

    When I first started teaching English abroad my students sometimes complained that my classes were boring. Most beginning teachers get those kind of complaints. It actually took me about a year and a half, even close to two years, before I got beyond that stage.

    Discover How To Appeal To Your ESL Students\\\' Learning Styles

    Enrich your ESL lessons with an understanding of learning styles and how to implement activities that appeal to all styles. Traditional teaching methods tend to neglect kinesthetic and tactile learning styles and are often dry. Find out what you can do as a teacher to reach out to all your students and be a more effective teacher, while massively enlivening your classes.

    Benefits Of Children Learning English As A Second Language

    There is a preponderance of evidence that points to the benefits of children learning English as a second language. However, choosing to raise a bilingual child is something that requires a great deal of thought, preparation, and time. As a result, it is a decision that is very personal and will affect the child's life for years to come. The following paragraphs will explain the benefits of children learning English as a second language and how online English c