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    Tips to Make ESL Learning Fun!

    Learning English as a Second Language can be a battle. Sometimes, it is difficult to stimulate students to remain motivated, due to the challenges they face, perhaps balancing work and study, or feeling daunted by the complicated nature of the English Language. As teachers of ESL, there are ways of making ESL learning fun. Here are some suggestions: *Play interactive games, whether in a classroom, or one-on-one tutoring environment. Ideas can include scrabble, or lucky dip, using a bag containing spelling words, or conversation or writing topics. Or you can use a shoe-box for "Pick a Box", so

    Consider this: Ideas for ESL Teachers.

       Essentially, as ESL teachers, we need to focus on our students' success in mastering speaking, reading, writing and studying in English. Teaching is a two-way process. As we are all aware, we learn from every student, as they seek to learn from us.      Here are some tips for a balanced approach to become more effective ESL education. (1) Determine who each student is, from which land they have migrated, which language is their native tongue, which customs they practise, and what their goals are, as they master the challenge of learning English in a different culture. (2) Develop a '

    ESL Teacher Job – English as a Second Language Teaching Jobs Abroad

    For many people traveling abroad and seeing the world is a dream. Most people put off achieving that dream because they feel it will be too expensive, and that they cannot possibly take the necessary time off of work to do what they desire. However, you can achieve this dream and earn money at the same time. There are many opportunities to teach English as a second language or ESL as it is commonly referred to overseas.

    English learning methods

    I believe that one can master English conversation and vocabulary with the following methods:

    Teach English as a Second Language

    One of my favorite things to do is to travel. I love getting to explore the world, from China to Israel to France and beyond. It gives you a chance to learn new cultures, meet people you'd never have encountered in your every day life, and expand your horizons both personally and professionally.

    Addressing Virtual World Scepticism (Second Life)

    Addresses virtual world scepticism regarding steep learning curves, in particular the array of challenges confronted in Second Life by language learners/teachers...