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    Discovering a Bit More About English Teachers

    English teachers use English as the subject of instruction when teaching students of middle and high schools, as well as college, typically about reading and writing. They handle several different subjects, like grammar, reading comprehension, composition and literature, among others. College students who are majoring in English take highly specialized classes in middle English, literary theory and short story writing, to name a few. The tasks of every English teacher

    What is the Most Frequent Belief of English Students about the Neuro-L

    What is the most frequent belief of English student about the neuro-linguistic learning process? In my experience, the most commonly-held belief of students who I take on is that the brain is a vessel, which, when full up with lots of stuff, will allow them to reach their highest possible level of fluency. The belief is that the mind needs some brain food before the actual doing can be up to standards. Many students pursue this belief without ever questioning what they believe or how it affects their English ability. I think it is great to view the mind as an ever-expanding pool, which you can

    Creative Ways to Teach English

    If, like me, you like to write, then finding creative ways to teach English should be easy. What helps tremendously in any class is to get your students actively involved in your lessons as much as possible. Idea # 1: A Different Ending In a high school ESL class in Bangkok, I wrote a quick story about a student in rural Northern Thailand who had an after school detention for listening to his IPod in class. Having missed his bus, he had to walk home. Taking a shortcut,

    How to Improve Student-Teacher Interaction in a Language Class

    The classroom is a social construct that is designed to facilitate learning. While learning can occur even when the only active participant is the student--as is the case when a person is reading a user manual--the most effective learning scenarios are those that involve the proactive involvement of both instructors and students.

    Teaching English to Adults in Spain

    Teaching English in Spain can be a lot easier than other countries, the students have often studied English for many years but lack the confidence to speak. Offering practical English speaking lessons can be very rewarding for teacher and student. Teaching is an easy way to make friends, and students are highly motivated.

    Communicative approach to language teaching in general, and teaching r

    In this paper an attempt will be made to briefly deal with the notion of communication, communicative language teaching, its implications for teaching reading. To achieve this goal, we shall look at the reading process from a communicative angle within the framework of discourse.