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    ELT Foundation Activities in Google Maps

    ELT Foundation Activities in Google Maps: A Contemporary Content-Based Language Teaching   "The essence of strategy is that you must set limits on what you're trying to accomplish."  Michael Porter A popular means of integrating instructions is the engagement of themes and content- based instructions. The overlying objective of this instruction is to promote students' academic awareness and skills while they prepare and learn the intended language targets employed in

    Five Barriers to Break Down Through Online Teaching

    When we chat with educators considering whether to take a leap and begin teaching online, we often hear reservations. Will my private students really get the same value in an online setting? Will they really want to pay my full private rate for online classes? We (TurksLearnEnglish.com) launched a site dedicated to conversation classes for Turkish speakers in May 2013. So far, we’ve found that the online experience can actually be more powerful than the in-person tra

    Strategies in Language Education

    Cooperative Learning, Paideia, Role-plays and Simulations, Inquiry Based Learning, Mastery Learning, and The Glasser Approach are six common strategies used in language education. Cooperative Learning, Paideia, and Role-plays and Simulations focus on group work. The students work together to facilitate the learning process. Students are free to be creative. Inquiry Based Learning, Mastery Learning, and The Glasser Approach are more student-focused. The teach

    The Receptive Skills

    The Receptive Skills

    How To Find The Best Overseas Teaching Jobs

    Countless teaching and school administration professionals dream of traveling overseas to offer their skills and expertise to help make the world a better place. Teaching overseas is a perfect example. Economic growth and a commitment to education mean that the demand for qualified education professionals continues to rise.

    The Role of Native Language in ESL/EFL Teaching

    The Role of Native Language in Acquiring English. Study after study has demonstrated that there is a strong and positive correlation between literacy in the native language and learning English.