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    5 Significant Reasons to Learn English Language

    Learning a second language is always beneficial in numerous aspects and when it comes to learn English, it gives you plenty of functional benefits concerning your day to day life. Being a smooth and confident English communicator would help you out conversing with more and more people from the corners of the world, makes your way of thinking broader, and makes easy to get a good job. Apart from these, there are numerous other advantages of learning English and a few of them is mentioned below. 1) Better intellectual flexibility: This indicates that people who know two or more languages can bec

    The Silent Learner: How to Scaffold ELLs in Their Pre-Production Phase

    The pre-production phase, or silent period, is one which many beginner second-language students have had experience with. In my years teaching EFL to young learners in China and Korea, I have dealt with many students who looked completely overwhelmed by the new language. I believe the most important thing for a teacher to do is to respect this silent period as a natural phase. It is part of the development, that is the language development, that a period of input needs

    Concepts: Analogy, Metaphor, and Idiomatic Expression

    Concepts such as 'social body', 'social mind', 'material interdependency', 'object of analysis', 'objects of analysis', and 'social structure' are quite difficult to understand not because the difficulty in comprehending the deeper meaning but the way the words are coined to name the concept. 'Body', 'mind', 'material', 'object', 'objects', and 'structure' have certain meanings on their own. Confusion arises when they are combined with other words to give different mea

    Learning a New Language - Four Challenges to Overcome

    One of the first decisions to make is which language should you choose to learn, this decision is closely linked with the second challenge - what is your reason behind wanting to learn a language. If you just want to learn a new language to prove that you can, then it doesn't really matter what language you choose - choose one you are interested in.

    How To Be Proficient In The Use Of The English Language

    If you already have a little knowledge of the English language, you might consider moving up your proficiency level from beginner to mastering the language. Learning the language is difficult. What more mastering it?

    Measuring Readiness for Simplified Material: A Test of the First 1,000

    The first 1,000 words of English are the essential basis for simplified teaching material. This article describes the need for a test of these words and the difficulties in making one. It contains two equivalent forms of a test along with instructions on how to use it and how to apply the information gained from it.