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    The Relevance and Utility of E-Learning Solutions

    The crucial role of K12 content development services American scholar in history and winner of numerous awards including Pulitzer Prize, Jill Lepore, rightly opined: In kindergarten, you can learn how to be a citizen of the world. Indeed, in the present era governed by the ICT (information and communication technology) wherein computer literacy is the medium to learn the basic three 'R's - reading, writing and arithmetic, the K12 content development services play the m

    Project-Based Learning Through The Lens of Technology

    Project-based learning (PBL) is a method teachers employ that requires students to integrate and synthesize skills from different subjects to solve complex, real-world problems. It focuses on active learning through the completion of hands-on projects rather than passive absorption of information. PBL is not a new technique and it can certainly be argued that this process has been the foundation of all learning since the earliest times. However, in our digital age the

    Is Technology Affecting Learning?

    Technology has become a part over everyday life and is essential to us now in order to communicate with people and get around. Cars, phones and the Internet are all essential to the vast majority and technology has moved in leaps and bounds in the last ten years alone. Pay phones that were once common and plentiful are now often left abandoned and unused - everyone carries a mobile or has some access to the Internet through Wi-Fi in a local pub or café. Children now don't spend their time playing outside, but are on video games, watching TV and texting their friends. Some say these advances a

    Teach Students More Efficiently to Keep Them Healthy with Multimedia H

    Making a multimedia swine flu quiz will impress the students, help them understand the swine flu more profoundly to protect themselves from H1N1 flu.

    Making The Move To E-Learning

    eLearning did not spell the end of the traditional Instructor-led or classroom-based training as many might have thought a few years ago. In fact each mode has its place in training today and often the best result is obtained by using a mix. Generally, there are three aspects that should be considered in deciding when to choose online self-paced training over the traditional classroom style.

    Learning English Using Technology

    The World Wide Web has opened a whole new world of opportunity to those who need or want to learn English. Instead of being required to go to regular classes and study with a teacher in a traditional setting, which many do not have time to do, those who want to learn English can now do so from the comfort of their own homes on the computer.