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    Addressing Teachers’ Barriers to Promote Successful Technology Integra

    Proper use of technology in teaching is valuable to the learning experience, but existing barriers must be addressed and overcome by teachers for the successful realization of a technology-enhanced, learner-centered classroom.    The two types of barriers faced by teachers are first-order barriers and second-order barriers (Tsai & Chai, 2012).   First-order barriers deal with external factors affecting the teacher such as institutional support and training, as wel

    Modern Way of Learning and Training - LMS

    The corporate world is changing with flying colors. In this fast moving world, new approaches, ideas, policies and technology arise daily. In the recent time in order to rub shoulder to shoulder, learning is considered as a never ending process. It is the need of the hour that organizations constantly train and educate their employees about the changing dynamics of the industry. Nowadays, companies use Learning Management System to offer training and learning to employ

    5 Tips for Using Social Media in Your K12 Classes

    More and more teachers are using social media to connect, interact, and engage with the students in real-time. Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and such similar ones provide an engaging way to learning.

    Why Educate Through Multimedia?

    Gone are the days of traditional education that was confined to tiresome lectures and silent books only. Today, multimedia has become an important part of education all over the world. Now educational institutes have become more conscious of how they impart knowledge to the aspirant minds.

    Learning English Using Technology

    The World Wide Web has opened a whole new world of opportunity to those who need or want to learn English. Instead of being required to go to regular classes and study with a teacher in a traditional setting, which many do not have time to do, those who want to learn English can now do so from the comfort of their own homes on the computer.

    Thinking Ahead: The Forward Compatible Website

    Most students find schools and academic programs through the web. That is a well-known fact. We know that most students will find a school by using a search engine (namely Google) and we know that most of them use Internet Explorer as their primary browser. We know these things because of data collected from the past. What we don't know is how they will find programs in the future.