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    Using “ASEAN Now - Weekly Wrap” Video Clips in the ESL Classroom

    ~~ASEAN Now - Weekly Wrap, http://www.thestartv.com/programme/asean-now-weekly-wrap/, is a week’s worth of news that made the headlines across the Southeast Asian region in one quick and easy take. In this article, I present some ideas that anyone can use to stimulate interest, guide students to understanding, encouraging them to try to listen to news programs in English and foster a more global view of the region and the world. With AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) co

    Top 5 iPad Productivity Apps for Back to School

    If you're a student who has an iPad and are interested in some apps that you can use to stay organized throughout your school year, pay close attention here. There are literally hundreds of back-to-school apps available for the iPad. Choosing the best apps to stay organized can be overwhelming. But don't worry. We've found five powerful applications that can help you learn faster, keep track of your assignments and stay on top of your class. Download them ASAP to your

    Sentences: It\\\'s a Jumble Out There!

    Mixed-up or jumbled sentences has long been a common, effective method used by ESL teachers around the world to test their students' ability to rearrange a series of words and correctly form them into a sentence. In my experience, most students dislike having to do this. They often find it difficult and hard to comprehend. It is also quite boring for them.

    Newsletters in the Classroom-One Page-Endless Uses

    It’s time for class, and your students are all sitting in their places, pens poised, ready to begin the day’s work together... Okay, let’s get back to the real world, where I used to teach English as a second language to parents of small children.

    Brainchild of English Teacher Turns Learning Inside Out

    An English teacher at Starr's Mill High is turning learning inside out by asking the students to create a quilt block protraying either analysis of characters, explaining themes or the author's message, ideas, beliefs or style.

    Primary Resources - How to Use YouTube to Find Brilliant Primary Resou

    Good quality primary resources in your classroom can make all the difference between a positive and happy classroom, and a negative and bored one. If you have good primary resources available to you it can also have a positive impact on you, and your enjoyment of your job.