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    Project-Based Learning: A Newspaper Project for High School Students

    Project Based Learning:  A Newspaper Project for High School Students The purpose of this project is to provide students with different perspectives of learning English as a Second/Foreign language. Moreover, I believe that High School students will be interested in producing a newspaper since this is not a regular traditional classroom activity. For these reasons, teaching English through projects may motivate them and accelerate their language acquisition. The use of projects in ESL/EFL classrooms is enhanced when students are predisposed to the idea of participating in the project and gett

    Why Are So Many EFL Textbooks So Bland, Boring, and Culturally Tone De

    Why are so many EFL Textbooks so bland, boring, and culturally tone-deaf? Allow me to ask a more polite question. How can English teachers working abroad and international English textbook publishers both respect local cultures and create more engaging English classroom lessons? The challenge may be more complicated than you might suspect. A long, informative, and detailed exchange on a TESOL list serve recently focused on the peculiar sensitivities of Saudi Arabian st

    What Is the Educational Value of Crossword Puzzles?

    Crossword puzzles are not just played by individuals or families who are up for a challenge. They are also used by teachers who have acknowledged the possibilities these puzzles offer. The Internet, which already provides online versions of the game as well as programs that allow you to make your own has even made it easier for teachers to use crosswords as learning tools for students.

    The role of multimedia in English language teaching & learning

    Multimedia instructional environments are widely recognized to hold great potential for improving the way that people learn (Mayer, 1999, Sweller, 1999; van Merrienboer, 1997).In this article ,we examine the role of multimedia (including computer ,animation ,video ) in English language teaching. According to some studies , using multimedia in the classroom improve learning process, so we are going to prove some statements like: multimedia can promote learning, the reason for using multimedia, how to involve students using multimedia, And when and how can multimedia affect learning.

    10 Ways to Make Your Class Brain-Friendly

    During the past 15-20 years, there have been many advancements in brain scan technology. These advancements are having a profound effect on the field of education in when, what and how we teach so that learning is maximized. "Brain-friendly" techniques are applications of those new discoveries.

    Classroom Atmosphere

    For many of our students, the classroom is the focal point of their English exposure. It is the base of where, when, why and how they speak English. The physical appearance of the classroom in itself is very important. And because of its importance, I am often amazed at how many English classrooms in Japan lack stimulating visual English materials.