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    Noise Control At School - Are Our Kids Missing Their Education?

    magine if you were reading a textbook essential for a particular subject. How would you feel if out of every four words, one is completely omitted? No doubt, you would return it to the bookstore and ask for a refund! Yet, such problems are actually plaguing schools nationwide as we speak students are literally missing out words from their teachers in poorly designed classrooms and lecture halls. In such cases, there is no refund - only social costs that continue to pla

    Effective Classroom Management Tips and Tricks

    Effective classroom management strategies can ensure a pleasant teaching environment for the entire year. Conversely, poor classroom management may lead to a difficult class and a year that drags on. These tips will get you well on your way to creating a positive environment in your classroom. Post class rules Students need to know what is expected of them from the very beginning. It is also useful to have visuals of the rules so that you can redirect small misbehavior

    Dealing With Bad Behaviour As a Supply Teacher

    You know how it is. The regular teacher is away and this means one thing and one thing only for pupils: A day of monkey business. For the poor supply teacher called in at the last minute with no idea about the school, the year group or even the syllabus they're working on, this could be the Ultimate Day From Hell.

    Reducing Classroom Management Problems Through Student Participation S

    As a teacher, classroom management problems occur every now and then. It is like a web that traps educators when they least expect it. Much more, it can further drag you down the drain if pre-emptive measures are not taken. Without immediate action, it can consume your entirety, both professionally and personally.

    Chaos Reigns in This Classroom

    Perhaps one of the most challenging tasks teacher face inside the classroom every single day is classroom management. Imagine a class of forty students - teenagers in the pink of the their health, with their raging emotions and hormones, and struggling to survive the day to day hassles of peer pressure and their school work.

    Classroom Management Tools For Teaching Rules and Procedures

    A teacher is also a manager. Whether you are a new or seasoned teacher, you are expected to hold a class of thirty five students from the minute you close the door to the minute you exit. So what is the secret behind classroom management?