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    Classroom Management: A Solid Plan for Success

    Quietly Fired It's a widely known fact that many new elementary teachers leave their jobs after only one year of teaching. A fact that isn't widely known is that they leave because they were fired. Terminating a new teacher can be accomplished very quietly, without any notice or interventions by simply "not renewing" the teacher's contract. In my almost 30 years as a teacher, I have seen many beginning teachers fired, and it wasn't because they didn't know how to teach

    Classroom Discipline Problem: Fix It Today!

    All teachers have discipline issues at times. Kids are kids and they simply are more interested in each other than they are in your class. Think of discipline issues as challenges and tackle them immediately before they become chronic problems. How? Ask yourself these questions over a cup of coffee and a piece of cheesecake. Question 1: "Which of my non-negotiables is being broken in this situation?" Your non-negotiables are the behaviors that must be present in students before you can do your job. Often teachers don't really take time to think about what these are and to share them with stude

    Do You Feel Great When Your Students Focus 100% On Your Lessons?

    Tutors have a variety of challenges to face when it comes to providing tutoring services for a student. In addition to teaching the designated curriculum and helping students be successful academically, often there are lack of focus issues that arise that must be handled appropriately in order to maintain a healthy environment for learning. Students may contribute their lack of focus to many reasons.

    Launching Your Teaching Career Part 3 - Rules and Procedures

    Are you feeling great about the excellent progress you have made as you prepare for that first, enchanting day with real students in your own classroom in your dream job? You may also feel tired - even exhausted. This is perfectly fine and acceptable and I recommend that you get used to it.

    Tips For Managing Your Elementary Classroom

    Are you a teacher who feels at her wit's end? Do you feel out of control in your classroom? Do you feel as if your student's don't listen? Well, you've got to learn effective managerial skills. I'll be honest with you, managing an elementary classroom isn't an easy task.

    Strategies for Effective Classroom Rules

    The class of nine- to twelve-year-olds was having trouble organizing itself into neatly lined up teams for the next activity. I had already given them flags denoting the names of their teams and had written the team names on the board. When one team finally managed to form a line, I burst out, "Look at the Orange team! What a nice line! You get a point!" The chalk mark on the board riveted the attention of the other teams. "And you're quiet. One more point!"