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    5 Paradigms of Language Teacher Professional Development

    Language teaching is a unique field which has seen a tremendous amount of change in recent years. Emerging technologies have fundamentally altered the language teacher's role and opened up instructional opportunities undreamed of just 15 years ago. Government policies have mandated bilingual education programs, fostered the development of a Common European Framework, and acted to protect endangered languages. Theoreticians have moved to a post-method era in recognition

    A Teacher’s Resolve: Standing Strong in the Face of Adversity

    Resist the Push to Follow the Crowd The greatest obstacle to effective and successful teaching doesn’t lie outside the profession, but within the profession. Over my almost 30 years of teaching, half as an elementary teacher, and the other half as a university professor, I have been constantly bombarded by other teachers meaning to stifle my voice. I recall during my first elementary teaching job the principal telling me that he admired my resolve at not giving into peer pressure to “follow the crowd.” At the time, I was not exactly sure I knew what he meant. It wasn’t until years late

    The Difference Between a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science Degr

    What's in a name? Labels are said to have significant meaning, and can also impact the beholder in terms of life affairs. The same can be said of graduates who own a bachelor of arts verses a bachelor of science degree.

    Reasons for Getting Your Teachers Certification

    There are many reasons that a person may want to get his or her teachers certification. Some people have a real passion for teaching. Other people may want to help out the community through teaching. Other people are teaching because they need money and teaching is a stable job.

    If I Have a Degree, Do I Still Need a TESOL Certificate to Teach Overs

    Depending on the country and the urgency of their need, there are many schools that will hire you to teach English if you have a degree from a recognized college or university. It generally does not matter in what discipline you earned your degree, but the preference is education or arts/humanities. Having said that, you will find that more and more, schools are asking for a TESOL or other ESL teaching qualification in addition to a degree.

    Writing Better Essays - The Easy Way

    What's happening with your college term papers and essays? Unfortunately, that's a question that a lot of student's cannot or do not want to answer. I see students on almost a daily basis who have the term paper blues. Their biggest problem? They just can't seem to get started. They procrastinate and rationalize. They put off doing their assignments until the eleventh hour.