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TESOL job in Spain (Europe)

TESOL Teaching Job

Candidates up to 60 Years Old: Teach English in Spain!

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    • Candidates up to 60 Years Old: Teach English in Spain!

      By: ConversaSpain < Show E-mail >

      Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2020

      Location: Europe (Spain)

      Would you like to turn your career around? Are you looking for a new experience abroad? Do you have a hard time finding international programs that accept non-recent graduates. Come to teach English in public schools in Spain! We are looking for candidates up to 60 years old!

      Experience the Spanish culture, discover an easy-going lifestyle, and give yourself the chance to start learning Spanish or to improve your skills. All this while teaching English 4 days a week in a Spanish public school.


      What is the ConversaSpain Program?

      ConversaSpain is a Spanish program that brings English Language Assistants to teach their language in Spanish schools. The program lasts one academic year (from October to the end of May/June) and it has a fee.

      ConversaSpain currently collaborates with more than 300 public schools in the regions of Madrid and Murcia, in which you will be able to transmit your culture to learners of English. ????️????

      What is Included in the Program?

      • 15/16 teaching hours per week in 4 consecutive teaching days
      • Placement and monthly stipend (€1,000 in Madrid and €875 in Murcia)
      • Certificate of completion at the end of the program (issued by the school)
      • Pre-departure assistance (e.g., help with visa process, background checks, or medical certificates)
      • ConversaSpain Online Platform
      • Welcome Booklet: instructions in English to process legal documents, practical information, tips, recommendations for accommodation, etc.
      • Ongoing support while in Spain
      • Tailor-made webinars
      • Private health insurance (non-EU participants)/ EHIC coverage (EU participants)
      • Awesome opportunity to start learning Spanish or to improve your skills


      Program Options:

      • ConversaSpain Program
      • ConversaSpain Program + TEFL Certification


        *Costs vary depending on the region.


      What are the Requirements?

      • Be a native-level English speaker
      • Hold a passport from a country where English is the official language or is widely spoken, AND has agreements with the Ministry of Education of Spain for these programs
      • Be up to 60 years old
      • Have a 3+ year university degree in any subject



      Send an email to candidates@conversaspain.com or apply through www.conversaspain.com/auxiliares-de-conversacion

      Candidates up to 60 Years Old: Teach English in Spain!

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