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TESOL job in Russia (Online)

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Teach interesting adults from home

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    • Teach interesting adults from home

      By: Olga Anderson < Show E-mail >

      Date: Fri, 04 Sep 2020

      Location: Online (Russia)

      Hello there!  


      Let’s see if working with us might be a good fit for you!

      English with Experts is an online language school that has mostly adult customers from Russia.

      We do 1-to-1 language lessons and help our students improve whatever they need to improve. Some students need English for work, so we discuss their jobs, do role-plays and help them get the skills that will make them feel confident to do their jobs in English. Others might want to move to English-speaking countries, so we might help them with IELTS or job interview prep. Others might need English to make friends or watch English movies… Each student is different, and we will never bored (hopefully). You’ll also get to work with the same students for as long as they’d like to study, and watch their progress (typically, around 6-10 months, but it could be longer! ).


      We believe in a flexible approach and give our teachers a lot of freedom to do whatever they feel is best for a particular student. There is no ‘top-down’ curriculum to follow, no artificial reports to fill out. Instead, we have friendly consultants who could suggest different resources and share some teaching ideas. In other words, if you teach with us, you’ll have a lot of ownership of your lessons.


      This job will work well for a bright and curious person who can

      • think on their feet
      • identify what the student really needs (rather than relying on textbook or other resources)
      • be comfortable talking about topics relevant to the student (e.g. finance or IT) 

      More details:

      We pay 11 USD/hour.

      As most of our customers are in Russia, the most ‘popular’ times tend to be Moscow time zone. At the moment, we are mostly looking for people who can do 18:00-22:00 Moscow time zone, but we are open to hiring people who are available at other times too

      You can choose your own hours, and change them as needed.  

      We don’t require a fixed number of hours, and some of our teachers teach 2-3 students a week, while others do 50+hours/week.


      So, if you consider yourself a professional English teacher, enjoy working with busy adults and having the ownership of the process, like the challenge of ‘diagnosing’ strengths and weaknesses of different students and customizing your lessons accordingly, then we’d love to meet you!


      Currently, we are looking for native English teachers.

      Teach interesting adults from home

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