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TESOL job in China (Asia)

TESOL Teaching Job

ESL/EAL teachers needed in East China

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    • ESL/EAL teachers needed in East China

      By: Nord Anglia School < Show E-mail >

      Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2020

      Location: Asia (China)

      We are looking for EAL (English as an Additional Language) teachers (1 semester contract) in Nord Anglia School, Nantong.

      This EAL Teacher position requires the ability, expertise and training to teach EAL learning initially in the primary and middle school program and has a qualification certificate issued by Department of National Education Under the guidance of China's New National Curriculum Standards, Chinese EAL Education teachers must make major changes in teaching concepts and teaching methods. They must guide students to learn in practice, learn with individuality, focus on enriching and integrating teaching materials, pay attention on cultivating students’ learning interest and transforming student’s learning methods, by encouraging students’ cooperative learning, to achieve mutual knowledge exchanges. Both Chinese EAL and international EAL program of learning will be taught side by side. Additional experience or training in high school and related areas of the language acquisition learning and ESL in the Mainstream certification or its equivalent will also be considered a plus.

      The ideal candidate will be/have:

      • At least Bachelor’s Degree and Teaching qualification in English Language and/or Language Learning
      • Minimum of 5 years teaching experience
      • International teaching experience
      • Experience in a bilingual language learning environment
      • ESL in the Mainstream certification or equivalent

      Key Responsibilities:

      • The assessment and evaluation of EAL courses must be based on the requirements of national curriculum standards, focusing specifically on the knowledge application ability of students on solving practical problems
      • Assess students on entry and recommend placement into English Language Level courses.
      • Provide in-class and/or withdrawal support for referred EAL student(s).
      • Provide in-class and/or curriculum implementation EAL guidance support for staff
      • Provide guidance and support for learning strategies and available learning resources for students.
      • Assist with modification of assessments across learning areas where appropriate.
      • Provide examination assistance for referred EAL students where needed.
      • Develop whole staff EAL professional development programs.
      • Perform classroom observation when required to identify and observe EAL students
      • Assist with the creation of IEPs.
      • Administer varied language assessments to identify language learning considerations.
      • Liaise with parents about academic progress due to language learning considerations. 
      ESL/EAL teachers needed in East China

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