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TESOL job in South Korea (Asia)

TESOL Teaching Job

Jeju-Do: Part-Time, English Elementary Teacher

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    • Jeju-Do: Part-Time, English Elementary Teacher

      By: Kenneth McLeod < Show E-mail >

      Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2019

      Location: Asia (South Korea)


      Position: Part-Time, English Elementary Teacher

      SCI Education 스칼러스 어학원(hogwan)

      Contact: Ken – 010-2596-8046 / scieducation.net

                      SEND RESUME: ken@scholarschoice.net

      Location: Jeju City Hall, near McDonald’s

      Start Date: September (flexible start date)

      Salary: 1.6 million KRW/month. We pay All (100%) required government contributions including health, pension, employment (NO DEDUCTIONS OFF YOUR PAY). Depending on qualifications, housing may be included (no subsidy will be provided, only new apartment built in 2019)

      Hours: Teaching hrs. 3pm to 6pm (plus prep time). Perfect to coordinate with another job or to have evenings off.

      Students: Elementary G1 - G6

      Vacation: 2 weeks paid vacation (set schedule – January and July); You may apply for UNPAID vacation time with enough notice; August or February only.


      Our goal is for children to develop a love of literature through classic children's stories in our core curriculum and through our library collection. Reading, writing and discussion skills are developed from the stories.

      An emphasis is placed on interpersonal communication, and presentation skills.



      Native English Speaker

      We are looking for a person passionate to work with young children. You are committed to the best interests of each child, and to nurture their English ability in a supportive, but progressive teaching environment. We expect you to work hard for the future of the students.

      Creative ability to develop engaging class lessons to match children’s learning level; the ability to ascertain children’s learning progress, and enjoyment of their lessons; communication to Korean teachers to discuss learning strategies

      You are responsible in your behavior, job performance, and in keeping the school environment safe


      Jeju-Do: Part-Time, English Elementary Teacher
      SCI Education

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