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TESOL job in China (Asia)

TESOL Teaching Job

Academic Manager/Director of Studies for Sino-US High School Bridge Program

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  • Online English Teacher
    • Academic Manager/Director of Studies for Sino-US High School Bridge Program

      By: TUP Academy < Show E-mail >

      Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2019

      Location: Asia (China)

      Academic Manager/Director of Studies for Sino-US High School Bridge Program [China]

      Our 2+1 Sino-US high school bridge program operates within public Chinese boarding high schools in Shenzhen and Ji’an, and we anticipate opening new programs this fall in both Beijing and Wuhan high schools. This position could potentially be for Wuhan, Beijing, or our existing Shenzhen program (where we are entering our third year and anticipate having 100 students across grades 10 and 11 and 4-5 foreign teachers in the 2019-2020 academic year).

      For grades 10 and 11, students will be taking foreign teacher-taught classes in English, US culture, and science. AP courses and TOEFL/SAT prep will also be offered. These students are high schoolers who are on an international track. They will be doing their final year of high school at a partner university in the United States, during which time they will research and apply to US colleges.

      We anticipate enrolling anywhere from 40-100 grade-10 students in both Beijing and Wuhan and hiring 3-6 foreign teachers plus 1-3 Chinese teachers in the first year of each program.

      To help manage our growth and new programs, we are looking for someone who can begin full-time at one of the program locations in August, and ideally do part-time (approximately 10 hours/week) remote work over the spring and summer (to assist with program development, including teacher hiring and curriculum development).

      Major duties of the Academic Manager fall into “Management” and “Academic” categories:

      • Directly manage foreign teachers and coordinate with them on curriculum, classroom management, and other issues. 
      • Set expectations with teachers individually at the beginning of the semester, provide ongoing performance management, and conduct formal performance evaluations at the end of each semester. 
      • Handle student issues and disciplinary matters, coordinating with Chinese program staff and school administration. 
      • Ensure proactive and ongoing communication with Chinese program staff and school administration, as well as with and among foreign teachers. 
      • Manage administrative aspects of the program, including scheduling teachers, creating the academic calendar, and keeping informed of any and all requests and changes from the school administration. 
      • Represent the foreign teachers when dealing with school administration and parents. 
      • Make presentations to prospective students/parents and members of the school community. 
      • Hire teachers for subsequent semesters, as needed.

      • (Specific to Beijing/Wuhan) If enrollment is smaller (around 40 students) and there are fewer management needs, the Academic Manager will teach at least one of the courses. 
      • Assist in developing curriculum, placement tests, assessments, and library of teaching resources and materials.

      In addition to very competitive pay, the program manager will receive free housing in the teacher’s dormitory (standard studio room/bathroom). Other benefits include: Chinese health insurance and work visa, one round-trip ticket between the US and China per year, two-three weeks of paid winter vacation, four weeks of paid summer vacation, and paid time off for some Chinese and US public holidays.

      This is a high-responsibility and high-autonomy position within a relatively new, entrepreneurial, and small but fast-growing organization. Opportunities exist for advancement within the organization for teachers and administrators who are motivated, conscientious, and willing to learn. This position is ideal for someone who is willing to roll up their sleeves, embrace responsibility and accountability, and put a lot of energy into working with our teachers and students.

      Contract length is negotiable but will ideally be two years. Full-time start date is August, 2019, but we are open to a part-time (~10 hours/week) remote start date more immediately to assist with hiring and program development.

      Note: we are also hiring for English and science teachers in Wuhan, Shenzhen, and Beijing. Please specify if you are interested in applying for a teaching position.

      • Prior program management experience (including teacher management, curriculum development, student affairs, and communication/collaboration within a larger school/organizational setting) 
      • Prior experience teaching, particularly high school-aged students 
      • Familiarity with this student population (high school-aged Chinese students) 
      • Familiarity with the higher education system in the United States, including university admissions requirements 
      • Experience living and working overseas

      Strongly Preferred: 
      • Experience with teaching and/or program management in China 
      • Knowledge of Chinese culture and education system 
      • Ability to communicate in Mandarin Chinese

      Personal Qualities: 
      • Patient and flexible about working in a dynamic and often-changing environment where we are learning and creating in real time 
      • Conscientious and responsible, both in and out of the classroom 
      • Respect for a different culture and a desire to understand foreign experiences 
      • Comfortable with making and taking ownership of decisions 
      • Motivated to interact with and mentor Chinese teenagers 
      • Interest in developing teachers and serving as a role model and mentor for them 
      • Desire to live, work, and learn in China

      TUP Academy (www.tup-academy.com) 

      Academic Manager/Director of Studies for Sino-US High School Bridge Program

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