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TESOL job in China (Asia)

TESOL Teaching Job

English Teacher in Yinchuan 12K+

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  • Teach in Thailand
    • English Teacher in Yinchuan 12K+

      By: Graham < Show E-mail >

      Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2017

      Location: Asia (China)

      Come teach at Max Education.  This school is good and I should know because I helped to start it.  When it began it was in the boss's basement, but that was 5 years ago and now we grown to three (soon to be four) campuses across Yinchuan city.  Working here is fun, interesting and rewarding.  In most training schools the majority of the classes are taught by local teachers and the foreign teachers show up for half an hour to dance and play games, but Max is different. Your class is yours.  You will be the only teacher teaching and the students' successes are because of your hardwork.  The city itself is small (by Chinese standards) with only 2 million people and it much slower paced and cleaner than a place like Shanghai or Beijing.  There is a small Muslim minority that adds a bit a flair and excellent food to the area.  


      Salary and working hours:

      -12K RMB/month

      -20 teaching hours/week+ 5 preparation hours per week

      -1,500RMB/month housing stipend

      -6K end of contract bonus

      -Health insurance

      -Working visa



      -Native English speaker (From the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa)

      -Bachelor's degree or higher

      -TEFL or teaching experience


      Check out our website www.maxeduchina.com




      English Teacher in Yinchuan 12K+

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