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TESOL information in Iran (Middle East)

what are the job prospects for non native ESL teachers?

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    • what are the job prospects for non native ESL teachers?

      By: ali < Show E-mail >

      Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2019

      Location: Middle East (Iran)

      hey guys.
      So I've been teaching English in my country for 4 years now. And I've been thinking of applying for a TESOL course for a while. The only thing that keeps me hesitant is not knowing the reality of prospects regarding finding jobs outside my country. Everywhere I look, in every ad, they want a native teacher.

      Would I be able to find jobs with a TESOL certificate as a non native in Asia or Europe or South America?

      I am asking of course, because the cost of TESOL courses are really high for me and I am looking at it as a means to migrate out of my country.

      guide me plz..

      Re: what are the job prospects for non native ESL teachers? (views: 2517)

      South America () - Wed, 27 Nov 2019
      Posted by Admin

      Hello and great question.  The answer is varied.  In short, yes you would bel able to find a teaching position.  However, it may not be the most desirable position with the best benefits.  Additionally, you need to consider visa requirements since some countries require both a 4 year degree and a TEFL certification.

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