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Re: ESL Teaching - Physical Activities for English Lesson

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    • Re: ESL Teaching - Physical Activities for English Lesson

      By: Admin < Show E-mail >

      Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2017

      Location: Online (Online)

      Hello Ron and thank you for the question.  The first thing to ask is:

      1.  What is age appropriate activity?  (not sure what ages you want to teach)

      2.  What are you teaching?

      For example, if it is young learners just learning and you want to teach body part names, "Simon Says" is a great activity.

      But for example, if it is olders students and you want to practive giving directions: rearrage the desks in the classroom to make "paths".  Blindfol a student and they speaking to hir...tell her how to navigate through the desk and otehr items that you have put around the room.

      Man out there so be creative.  Also, read up on "Total Physical Response" teaching methods.




      Re: ESL Teaching - Physical Activities for English Lesson

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